Another vision of reality

Everybody has already been confronted to the problem of a windowless room in a dwelling. As they are uninviting, these dark rooms are often underused. WINTUAL’s first challenge was to bring a view on the outside into a windowless room. It was in 2015, when Jean Loup BARRERE had the idea of a virtual window. Frustrated by the fact that he could not enjoy a view on his garden from his windowless bathroom, he thought about a way to improve the comfort of this room.

The innovation of the virtual window consists in its ability to adjust the displayed view to the user’s position so that an impression of depth is created. The illusion is sufficiently realistic to avoid works in order to install actual windows.

In 2016, Jean Loup formed WINTUAL with the help of Stéphanie Le Beuze, a serial and experienced entrepreneur. They developed the first virtual window within the business incubator la Belle de Mai in Marseille.

After some months of research, the two founders decided to expand the product range. WINTUAL launched an interactive advertising screen WIN3D by adapting the interaction technology of the window to an advertising screen.

Today, the startup company is located at the Technopôle de l’Arbois near Aix-en-Provence. In January 2017, the team grew as a sales department and a communication department was formed. The adventure has started!


WINTUAL is the acronym of the words « window » and « virtual », so virtual window which is the product being at the origin of  WINTUAL. For us, the key of success lies in our ability to innovate, to offer quality products and to improve ourselves constantly by listening to your comments.

Based on these three fundamental values, we are committed to offer you the best products and to meet your needs.

Nos valeurs

  • Innovation

  • Performance

  • Responsiveness

Passionate about technology, we rely on techniques and algorithms coming directly from the world of research to develop our products. We developed a tracking system for persons which is particularly performant and we use techniques of virtual reality to display the pictures on the virtual window. Thanks to an intense R&D, we improve constantly our technology and products.

WINTUAL’s goal is to offer quality products allowing to offer new experiences and to improve well-being. Thus, there are multiple applications for WINTUAL products for a more relaxing and efficient daily life: bringing comfort into windowless rooms, contribute to improve working conditions, offering interactive solutions also improves the customer experience.

Being responsive is a key value for us in order to meet the need of our customers. Customizable and configurable, our technology can be adapted to all kind of needs. We also propose on-demand solutions for the most ambitious projects.

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