How does it work?

There are sensors placed on the screen that detect your position and transmit the data to an integrated processor behind the screen. The processor calculates your position and transmits it via WIFI to a nearby 3D server. The 3D server calculates the picture in 3D according to your position and sends it back to the processor unit which will display it. The 3D server is a computer having high-performing graphics computation capacities. It is provided with the screen.

The object is adjusted according to your position: move to the side to discover the different faces of the product, step back or forward to zoom.

You give us the CAD files of your product and we take care of the integration into the screen WIN3D: we will deal with the application of texture, lighting and decoration.

If you do not have any CAD file, we can also design your product in 3D.


WIN3D is configurable: it is possible to define precisely the interaction sensitivity to have a more immersive experience.

Thus, you can configure the zoom and set 4 sensitivity levels:

Do you want to know more?

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