Positive impact on the brand image

17% of the consumers confirm that the presence of digital devices in a retail store improves the perception of the brand(1).

R. Vanheems, a pionieer in multi, cross and omni channel and in connected retail, explains: « When the client remembers a product, he also remembers the way he bought it. And if the purchase was memorable, the consumer will talk about it to others. » WIN3D makes it possible to enrich the consumer’s experience and to increase the company’s popularity.

68% of the consumers think that the product presentation reflects the quality of a company or a product(2).

WINTUAL’s interactive advertising screen allows to present an object with a photographic realism thanks to its luminosity, color rendering and detail level. This realism helps a brand to be remembered more easily(2). When one keeps a good memory of a brand, one is more likely to come back to it. So, with WIN3D the first contact gets pleasant to retain the customers.

For 14% of the consumers, the presence of a digital device in a retail point makes them want to show the store to their friends. So, in addition to the brand image, WIN3D helps to get better known (2).



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