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Can you tell us more about your career?

Since ever I have been passionate about technology and I always tried to understand how the different technologies we use could work. Originally, I am electronic engineer (PHELMA –  School of engineering and electronics at Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble). In the beginning, I started to engineer sonars at Thales Underwater System. Then, I took over as IT project manager at STERIA where we developed a tactical on-board system for the French navy.

Keeping in mind the idea of having one day my own business, I had to develop some management and entrepreneurial skills. This is why I decided to pursue my studies to enroll the Executive MBA at Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management in Aix-en-Provence.

This allowed me in 2004 to take over as Business Unit Manager at Mirion Technologie. During more than 5 years, I was in charge of a team of 30 people with different activities going from the design until the delivery of devices for measuring the radioactivity.

Can you name your most rewarding achievements?

I spent 7 years at ACTIA-SODILEC as head of Aeronautics department. During this period, my team and I created a complete range of telephony products on-board of the Airbus and Boeing planes and we equipped companies like Air France or Qantas: the discovery of the world of aeronautics was an amazing experience.

In 2009, I joined ACSA which was at that time a startup company specialized in robotics and underwater locators. As Chief Operation Officer, I established the production, purchasing and quality departments as well as industrial processes. I am proud that I could contribute to make this startup company an industrial SME (now ALSEAMAR). Also, I made them be certified ISO9001 and, when I left in 2015, they had a staff of 30 people.

The end of my mission at ACSA was for me the opportunity to make my dream come true by starting my own business with the adventure WINTUAL. I was lucky to meet an expert in entrepreneurship to accompany and help me carry out this project: Stéphanie Le Beuze.


Can you tell us more about your career?

Before becoming entrepreneur, I spent more than 12 years in different banking groups. At the same time, I participated in numerous projects or associations to get closer to the directors.

In particular, I got involved voluntarily in an association of Business Angels specialized in sustainable development (Cleantechs, ESS…). Also, I am board member.

Can you name your most rewarding achievements?

I started several businesses, offering each time a breakthrough innovation. I formed, for example, Carmine Capital, a company that created the first merchant bank 2.0. I introduced digital devices which allow to optimize the processes linked to fund raising and merger/acquisition. The aim was to make the service affordable for the smallest companies. In 2012, I cofounded Echy, a young French company developing an innovative lighting solution using fiber optics.

I always managed several projects simultaneously in very different contexts (big banking groups, associative sector, entrepreneurship, industry, etc.). Today, as a cofounder of WINTUAL, I keep being driven by my passion: support projects with disruptive business models and help business men to make them grow.

At WINTUAL, my role is to advise Jean Loup BARRERE concerning the company’s development. I am in charge of the sales department as well as the the marketing department.


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