Advantages for health

Health facilities are generally built in form of « blocks ». The problem with this kind of architecture is that the interior spaces of the building do not have enough windows.

Numerous studies regarding health facilities have shown that a possibility to reduce the patients’ stress and to accelerate their healing time consists in showing them relaxing pictures just before or after an operation(1).

On a long-term basis, this can shorten the time spent at hospital, decrease analgesic intake and reduce the risk of post-surgical complications(2). For elderly patients, a view of the outside can even reduce the risk of a post-operative delirium(3).

The view on natural elements allows to bring diversion and to escape from the daily difficulties of an illness. Contrary to this, it has been proved that the lack of windows in the patients’ rooms could cause additional stress.

A « relaxing » view allows to calm the patients. In certain cases, it can limit anesthetics for examinations requiring that the patient stays still. For example, a virtual view can distract children so that they do not panic in stressful situations where they need to stay still during several minutes (e.g. during an examination).


With a window, patients can stay connected to the outside world: they see the current weather conditions and keep a temporal orientation. This is particularly important when you want to recreate sleep-wake cycles, e.g. in the intensive care unit(4).

More than a innovative product which enhances space, INTERACTIV has also a therapeutic function which can perfectly be used in health facilities.



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