Enhance the value of windowless spaces

Business premises without windows are often underused:

  • Windowless meeting rooms are often unused as people prefer rooms with windows. Though, these rooms which are used instead are not necessarily suited, too small or too far away
  • Windowless offices generally become storage facilities

The virtual and connected window INTERACTIV can recreate a link to the outside by eliminating the feelings of oppression and isolation. Offices that are equipped with this window become more profitable and the available surfaces are optimized.

Return on investment is less than 2 years: the redevelopment of a windowless and unused room is less expensive than renting the same surface to expand the office.

The presence of windows plays a key role for the comfort and well-being in a room. Windowless rooms are often underused and important surfaces are lost.

With the virtual and connected window INTERACTIV you can enjoy your favorite view, wherever you are. It is an invitation to let your mind escape and a way to increase the value of your house by maximizing the living space. 

The window INTERACTIV fits perfectly for basement renovations as it will create an opening to the outside in a windowless room. Actually, renovation of dwellings including a basement is very popular today. This allows you to extend your living space as it optimizes your basement to make it a living area. By adding a virtual window, the room becomes more comfortable. You have to consider that when purchasing an apartment including a basement the square meter price is 50 to 70% lower than the square meter price of the ground floor(1). Thus, the purchase of a basement-including apartment constitutes a real potential, if you succeed in improving its layout.

The implemented technology of interaction with the user helps to create the illusion of being in front of a real window. In rooms where it would be impossible to install a real window (basement, interior spaces, etc.) this technology allows to offer a view on the outside.

The room is optimized and its value enhanced: the dwelling’s value increases.


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(1)Vivre en rez-de-chaussée via https://lc.cx/Jpws

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