You can choose between a fixed view or an interactive view.


With the feature WinCLASSIC, the displayed pictures (photos or video) are shot from a fixed point as if you were just in front of a real window. In this mode, there is no interaction and the displayed view is not adjusted to your position. The pictures in UHD quality are impressively real.


Increase the illusion of a real window by adding the interaction between the view and your position.

Move to the right or to the left, step forward or backward: the view is adjusted to your position like for a real window.


How does it work?

Sensors, placed on top of the window, detect your position, and transmit it to a processor which is integrated in the window. The processor will permanently adjust the displayed view to your position as if you were in front of a real window. The resolution of the displayed view is chosen to correspond to a visual acuity, and to guarantee the best possible realism whichever is your position.


Settings to optimize your experience

In order to offer you the best experience, different configurations are possible depending on how you want to use your window. This means that you can define the interaction zone of your window, choose how the window should react in case of several people or manage the settings of automatic turn on/off.

Do you want to know more?

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