Modular solution

As a virtual window can be used in very different situations, our solution is fully modular and customizable.

You can choose between:

  • A local view or a distant view: for example a relaxing view for health facilities, a view of your garden to optimize your living space or even a view on a remote team to create a virtual open-plan office.
  • According to your need and your Internet connection: photos being refresh every 15 minutes or a live video


We offer you a large range that is extremely modular. Depending on your budget and your environment, you can choose:

  • Color
  • Diagonal screen size: 40”, 55” or 65”
  • Frame: we expand constantly our frame range
  • Display technology: LCD or OLED
  • Resolution : HD or UHD


If, nevertheless, none of our models fits your need, WINTUAL also develops on-demand solutions for the most ambitious projects.

Do you want to know more?

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