Views and formats

Fully customizable,
the virtual and connected window WINTUAL can diffuse the view you want,
in the format you prefer.

With the window WinACTIV you can enjoy a live view of the outside of your building as if you had a real window.

How does it work?

The system is provided with a camera fixed on top of the building where you are or nearby. The camera films the landscape outside your building, and relays the video live to the window where the view is displayed.

NB: The camera has to be fixed in a way that in public areas filmed people cannot be identified. If this only condition is respected, you do not need any authorization.

With a connected video camera (or photo camera), you enjoy a live view of a landscape thousands of kilometers away from you (or a replay if you want to consider the time difference).

How does it work?

The camera captures the video (or the photos) of a distant landscape. These pictures are sent to a server via the Internet, then redistributed to all the windows, taking into consideration the time difference when needed. You can look live at Manhattan from your basement in France or with a replay to have the impression to be physically there.

In this mode, the virtual window diffuses pre-recorded pictures. You do not need neither a camera outside nor an Internet connection. Choose the atmosphere between our wide range of available views (photos or videos) with the configuration application WintualSoft.


When the window is connected, it can display photos and videos captured and relayed live via the Internet.

The photos are sent to the window at regular intervals (typically every 15 minutes). To make it even more real, the chosen landscapes are quite static (no elements in movement): mountains, forests, panorama view of cities,… The advantage of this solution is its compatibility with an ADSL connection.

The videos are filmed live in very high definition, then they are relayed to the windows via the Internet. To receive the pictures correctly, a very high-speed Internet connection, fiber optic or cable, is required.

Do you want to know more?

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